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What are IT Managed Services ?

“Managed Services” is an industry buzzword that has been misunderstood by many Business Owners. Too many variations of IT Managed Services float around and it’s confusing. We are going with the definition, “Outsourcing of all, or part of information technology service needs such as 24×7 operations, and administration of network, security, operating systems, virtualization, malware, databases and storage to a service provider whose primary focus is to provide such services across a wide customer base”. A key test of IT Managed Services is whether the provider can provide these services agnostically, remotely, comprehensively and without a need for proprietary tools, or platforms.

I can handle my IT in-house. Why would I want to pay you to do it?

We get it — adding another line item to your business budget can be unnerving. But the truth is, handling your own tech issues is already costing you. That’s because your time is valuable. Could you be earning more money every day by doing what you do best — and letting First Step Technologies handle the rest? Contact us today to see what we can do for your business productivity — and your bottom line.

What if we already have internal technical IT Support staff?

No problem! Many of our customers have a designated IT Support person or in-house IT department to handle day-to-day technical issues and minor network problems. These organizations often count on us for the most critical IT Support functions, such as strategic advice, technical projects, second opinions, IT security and advanced Business Applications support.

Can you recommend and/or purchase hardware and software products for us?

We can usually meet or beat advertised prices on hardware and software products, and we are always happy to offer unbiased product recommendations.

What is a Small Business Server?

A small business server can support your business with an automatic system to store your most important files and protect your business by protecting critical data, automatically backing up and reporting status to PalmTech. With the use of a small business server, you can rest assured that your data is backed up in the case of any emergency. In addition to protecting your data, you can also allow employees to remotely access information and other resources. Your server will be secure for file sharing, printing, and faxes, which are some of the most useful IT services for small businesses available.

Why computer security is important for a company?

Simply put computers today are directly connected and continuously communicating with the internet. When your computer is not secure you can leak financial details, private documents and other sensitive materials without even being aware. If you operate a business, you may be in violation of one or more compliance requirements for your industry. Your insurance company may not cover if you are proven negligent.

How can computer security be achieved?

Proactive monitoring, logging, good training, situational awareness.

Are you prepared if your company has a computer breach?

This is a question every business owner, manager or executive should ask themselves. To start with, they need to:

Review what existing steps you have in place.
Routinely check your back-up:
Is your scheduled back-up current?
Is you back-up including new files during its backup routine?
Are you sending a copy to an additional or remote location?
Test that you can restore from your back-up copies.
Has your company performed and kept current your virus protection?
Has your company kept your operating system up to date?
It might be time to determine if your company can handle your computer security in-house or hire an outside IT company to monitor your systems to help prevent a computer breach?

How much do your managed IT services cost?

It all depends on the number of users, computers, and servers you have in your workplace. After speaking with you about your requirements, we will put together a custom proposal that covers all of your equipment and provides the services needed to keep your business running smoothly on a daily basis.

We’re always losing files and spending hours looking for them. Can you help?

You bet. That’s one of the things we do for our IT Managed Services clients. We can help you to ensure your data turns into information and is used to help you manage your business better!

How can I get more information and get started with your IT Consulting Services?

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