Is your Network Maintenance or Network Administration in need of overhaul?

Is your computer network maintained? Or has it just been sitting with no attention given to it? A network can become almost a living, breathing thing as users start to pump more and more information through it. Unless that data and the wire it runs on is monitored, your network could be at risk for issues including security vulnerabilities.

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The need for Network Maintenance & Administration

We are computer network specialists. We know the network inside and out. Thus, when it comes to network maintenance and network administration, we can assist to standardize and get things in order with great service and support. Our team provides best practices and follows these through our proven step-by-step evaluation to make sure that all items are up to date.

What makes a good computer network maintenance and network administration service?

  • Consistent, proven best practices followed time and time again
  • Written documentation for all to adhere to
  • Checklist to follow month after month, just like an airline pilot
  • 24×7 monitoring of important network events and downtime
  • Constant investigation of possible security violations
  • Security updates for your switches, routers and firewalls to avoid hacking attempts
  • Disaster Recovery Plan
  • Business Continuity Plan
  • Multi-pronged threat detection tactics
  • Proactive prevention of the latest spyware and viruses such as ransomware
  • Manufacturer best practices in place
  • 24×7 manufacturer support to avoid costly downtimes
  • Network Operation Center (NOC) monitoring

Within this service, we provide comprehensive support of wired and wireless networks, guaranteeing the continuous performance of network infrastructure for both small and large companies.

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Why choose us?

First Step technologies has a proven checklist for our computer network service, network maintenance and network administration that gives our technicians simple reminders to verify that your network is working as it should be. And we have a team of specialists with quick and proven tactics to avoid downtime. Let us assist you today with your network maintenance and network administration. We can provide an assessment of your current computer network , with a plan to move forward and optimize your network for your business.

The Network support team manages equipment and network solutions from a wide variety of vendors: Cisco, HP, Brocade, Checkpoint, Zyxel, Nortel, Aruba, Asterisk, Juniper, Infoblox, F5, etc.